Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heavenly Weekend

Guess what I did this weekend.


OK, not nothing, but stuff that wasn't too productive. And it was nice. I spent Saturday and most of Sunday in bed, reading, watching movies/TV shows, crocheting, and doing what beds were made for... sleeping. I slept. And slept. And slept. I feel SOOO great today because I got the exact right amount of sleep my body needed every night this weekend. I must have needed to catch up, too, because Friday night, I slept close to twelve hours, but it tapered off from there. About ten Saturday night, nine Sunday, and eight last night. And I feel GOOD!

Monday was different from Saturday and Sunday, though, in that I didn't spend it in bed. I spent the afternoon and early evening in Park City with Marie, Jana, Kellen, Kelsie, and Dave. It was lovely! I bought some shirts at Gap and Old Navy, and even though I still had a huge amount of body lotion and body wash left from the sale last year, I bought more body lotion and body wash from Bath and Body Works. (They have a new fragrance called Country Chic and I think I'm in love.)

We ate pizza at the Hut, walked up and down Main Street, saw a lot of different art and such, and looked in a few boutiques. We went into a wonderful little book store with lots of stuff about auras and tarot and dreams and stuff. I was highly tempted to buy a book about lucid dreaming, but I figured I could look up the same kind of techniques online and get the same information on how to do it. (I wanna fly--I've never flown in my dreams!) We saw Banksy's mark on the Java Cow building. (Featured Picture) Pretty cool. And we went home.

Jana, Marie, and I went back to my apartment--stopping at Harmon's first to buy to stuff we needed to make fudge--and made fudge, hemmed Marie's dress to a short dress/blouse thingy, cut off Jana's old jeans into shorts, and watched The Red Balloon and some scenes from Paris Je T'aime, and Marie stole some of my music. It was a good day. A very good day.

Even though it was cold and snowy/rainy in Park City, and even though I spent more money than I should have, I was happy to be out and about with some of my favorite people.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Movie and Food and Books, Oh My!

(a photo Marie posted on my Facebook wall. I think it's my next crochet project) If it's not apparent by my previous blogs, my favorite things to do are watch movies, read books, crochet, and eat good food. It's best to do two of these things with people I love (I'll let you figure out which two.)

After getting pedicures with Jana and Ashley (Happy Birthday, girls--thanks for the fun morning!) I went home and did a bit of crocheting (I have a blanket to finish this weekend... almost done!) and then went with my sisters and some friends to see Jane Eyre. It was my second time watching it, and I wasn't at all sad about spending the money or time to see it again. Love that film! It's beautiful and tragic and tragically beautiful. (Only thing for me to do now is read the book, which I will do very soon.) After the movie, my wonderful, funny, and beautiful sisters and I went to India Palace for some delicious curry. I'd say this was one of the best days ever.

Last week, I was able to go with the Rasmussen family to "tiptoe through the tulips" at Thanksgiving Point for a mere ten dollars! I know, sounds like a butt-load of cash just to look at flowers, but let me tell you: totally worth it. We enjoyed the sun, the food, the company, and (of course) the flowers. Everything was just gorgeous. I'll be going again later in this season to see the Secret Garden and the Roman Garden again--the honeysuckle and roses weren't in bloom yet, and I just have to see and smell them both!

A few weeks ago (OK, really, a month ago) I was at home for Tyler and Karina's wedding, which was simply wonderful. It was not only great to be home, but the weather was perfect, the wedding was perfect, and our Easter celebration was... almost perfect. Poor Momma was sick, and so we didn't really get to do a regular Easter dinner (since she's the real cook--no offense to anyone else--and the rest of us were too lazy to do it--though we should have, since Mom was sick...shame on us!) Other than that, it was a wonderful Easter, spent at home with the family, including the Chinns, and it was so great to see the Heywoods at the wedding/reception. I just love my family so, so much, and it's such a blessing to be able to see them all and give them all hugs and kisses, even if it's for a short visit.

(Another photo Marie posted on my wall, which is pretty much true for me. haha) I've been reading a series I own and read about two years ago by Libby Bray, The Gemma Doyle Trilogy, and I'm loving it. I forgot most of the intricate parts of the story, so it's been fun to read and experience it all over again. As soon as I'm done with this, it's on to Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, and then I think I'll read Tolkein's the Lord of the Rings again. It's been a while and I just love those books so much. Maybe I'll just read all of the books on my shelf again. I've been missing Lewis's the Chronicles of Narnia.

Not really sure what was the point of this blog, but it's done now, so whatever. I guess to just kinda give an overview of the last little while. I'm still alive, and I'm actually enjoying some parts... the parts when I get to spend time with amazing people, see and smell and taste beauty in the world, do something productive with my hands, and improve my mind through extensive reading. (Oh, Mr. Darcy...)