Thursday, February 28, 2008

To begin with...

I have a feeling this will be what I'll spend time doing while I'm at work...Yeah, work should be for working, but sometimes it's SO extremely slow I find myself surfing the net and playing around on facebook. Maybe this will stretch me to use my brain.

Considering music. I love the 80's. Wait, let me specify: I like 80's hits. I've recently been exposed to some 'other' 80's music and found that not all of it is appealing. I guess the hits are hits because they're the best. Well, usually. I wouldn't call all hits 'the best.' Especially considering the CRAP on the radio these days...But that's a soap-box for another time. I really do love 80's hits, though. I mean, what's better than grooving to "Everybody (Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears? Or "Love Song" by the Cure? Or getting your dance on to "Africa" by Toto? Or "Every Step You Take" by the Police? Basically, I'm in total agreement with VH1: I Love the 80's.

K, that's all I want to muse about for the time being.