Saturday, May 26, 2012


I'm a bad blogger. I haven't posted anything in the longest time, and that's sad.

But I wanted to post some of my recent-ish crochet projects. So, it's a photo blog today. Enjoy!

Star scarf. Yes, a scarf made of stars.

Bearded beanies and a flower! Love these kids. They're the coolest kids in the world.

Super Mario! This rug... it's kinda my pride and joy.
(Giving credit where it's due: I copied this rug.)

Pink bikini and a little flower.

I'm working on some more beanies and another blanket, and I just finished these two gems:

A bag I made for myself. It's to carry my lap top and all of it's stuff. :)

And a coin purse with a bird on it! ("Put a bird on it!")
(Giving credit where it's due: I copied this purse.)

I have to say, I love the fun things I get to make. It's fun. And makes me happy. And hopefully it makes other people happy.

The end.