Monday, August 17, 2009

So, there are exactly nine days until school starts up again. How excited am I? Not very, to be honest. Though I'm also not as down-hearted about it this semester. I think the fact that this is my second to last semester has something to do with my not-so-sad-about-the-end-of-summer feelings.

But first, a recap of the past few weeks!

The Chinn family reunion was quite fun. It's always amazing to me that our entire family can get together without too much drama. Of course, there are little spats and some sore feelings, but all-in-all we get along pretty stinkin' well. Each family was assigned a holiday to use in decorating their meal table. The Heywood's got Halloween. As part of our decore we hung up a stuffed man with quite a hideous face--a mask, of course. Well, on the last day we were all there, Uncle Matt put on the stuffed man's clothes and his ugly mask and proceeded to scare the living daylights out of quite a few family members. Me excluded, of course. I'm just too smart to fall for something like that. Besides, I had heard the screams from the tent about fifty yards away. Still, pretty darn funny. We had a ducky derby, which was kinda fun. We floated rubber duckies down the little stream just outside our campsite. And the Aunts put on a little show--lip-syncing and dancing to "Take a Chance" by Abba. Pictured is our t-shirt. 55 points to whoever can pick out all 55 names on the CHINN family tree--good luck!

The Heywood family reunion was fun as well. Marie, Jana, and I missed the camping and beach stuff, but we got there in time for the swim party at Aunt Becky's, and we were there for church in the Wasco Ward (which is still weird to say, since it was the Wasco Branch my whole life until just earlier this year). We had a lunch and talent show after church (Tyler and Jana performed "Falling Slowly" from the movie Once), and just enjoyed each other. This picture is of those of us who were able to be there. There are 32 people in this picture, and 25 are missing. Yes, that means this is just over half the family. We're quite a group, right?

While in California, Jana and I, along with Kelly (aka Kel-Kel--What do you get when you put Jana and Kelly together? A Kana Jelly. haha, get it?) were able to go play at Knott's Berry Farm. Note: go in the afternoon. I know that sounds nuts, but seriously, the crowds thinned out and the sun was going down and it was much more enjoyable later in the day! They have a new ride called the Pony Express. Oh, man, that was the best. It's like a kiddy ride at the zoo; it just goes around this little circle with not much of a climb or drop and no loops, but here's the kicker: you ride a horse! Like a carousel horse. That alone made me giggle like a school-girl. Well, OK, let's be honest. It made me giggle like I always do. But then the back (the black thing behind me in the picture) comes up and presses you into the "riding" position and doesn't let you sit back up until the "ride comes to a complete stop." That made me laugh flat-out.

There were other highlights, but I think I'm boring my reader... Well, I would be if there is anyone even reading this. So, I'll just wind up with this: a trial in modeling with Jacob. Hunter got this soul-patch stick-on from a vending machine in the dollar-movie theater. It got itchy (and Hunter got bored) so he put it on Jacob. I told him to make a face. This is what I got: Angry Face, Worried Face, Pensive Face, Sad Face, and Happy Face. Go ahead and try to tell me that this isn't the cutest kid in the world. His only competitors are his older brother and sister. Equally cute and sweet. I love these three kids to death. I love being an aunt.

Some movies for your consideration: (500) Days of Summer (if you were one of the little girls who thought little Joseph Gordon-Levitt was cute back then--in the days of Angels in the Outfield--you're gonna be one of the big girls who thinks he's hot now), I'm Reed Fish (from 2006--I missed it when it came out, but was recently exposed and really liked it), and Julie and Julia (want a clean, girly movie--you know, a cute story about a girl minus sex and stupid men?--then go see this one).

And I'm done. For now...