Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Midnight Showings Rock

Julia, Me, Julie, Nicole, Kami, and Alicia. Yes, we are insane.

But who could pass up the opportunity to see a midnight showing of Twilight? OK, what I mean is, who could pass up the opportunity to see a midnight showing who's absolutely obsessed with the story? Well, OK, maybe someone would pass it up, but we didn't!

And now I will admit to having seen it three times in that one weekend: the midnight showing, a 1:45pm showing on Friday (yeah, only 14 hours later), and a 10:45am showing on Saturday. Needless to say, I really liked it. No, it wasn't the best that could have been done. The effects weren't that great (though, on the small budget they had, the effects weren't too bad). There were some scenes that got changed. There were some scenes that didn't make it into the movie (like the blood-typing). And Edward drives a hatchback. Edward would never drive a hatchback. Whatever.

But I think this was a really good adaptation. The acting was good. The chemistry between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson was awesome. The story was stuck to really well. The music was even pretty good. I thoroughly enjoyed the songs that Rob got to record for the soundtrack. And since I'm a Muse fan, I really loved the use of "Supermassive Black Hole" in the baseball scene--which also happens to be one of my favorite scenes. The cheese-factor is extremely high, but it's based on a teen-romance novel:
Edward: And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.
Bella: What a stupid lamb.
Edward: What a sick, masochistic lion.
Probably one of the cheesiest lines of the whole series, and it made it's way into the movie. The delivery, however, somewhat helped to save it...a little. I like the laugh. It helps.

Anyway, good movie. Even Jana, who refuses to read the books, said she liked the movie. She still doesn't want to read the books, though. haha And the good news is they've decided to go ahead with New Moon. Yay.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits...

Yes, it's true. I went to see NKOTB Saturday night. Believe it or not. And the funniest thing about it? I really enjoyed myself. It was incredibly ridiculous, highly dramatic, and absolutely fun. The crap part was that we weren't allowed to video any of the show. Well, I kinda, sorta broke that rule. I recorded some of it, but only little bits of the songs cuz I was afraid of being caught and having my camera taken away. Here are some highlights, though. Hope you enjoy!

Please, Don't Go Girl


Cover Girl

I'll Be Loving You Forever

Hangin' Tough

It was so strange, when they first came on stage. My reaction was, "oh, yeah. I know these guys. I remember them..." haha Anyway, fun show.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Body Worlds

David, Marie, Jana, Julia, Becca, Aunt Toni, Uncle Grant, and I went to Body Worlds yesterday. What an amazing exhibit and experience!
This dude still has parts of his skin on, and some sections have only bone showing. And, yes, he is winking.

This is a display of plastinized human's or their body parts. Basically, through chemical alterations, scientists can turn a corpse into plastic, preserving their bones, veins, nerves, muscles, and organs. It's SO amazing!

This dude was seriously balanced on top of the hurdle. There weren't any stands under him, and no strings holding him up! It was amazing!

This particular exhibit focused on the heart. We learned a ton! For example, did you know that if you lined up all of your veins and arteries end to end, it would wrap around the Earth...twice! The biggest artery is the pulmonary, and it's about as thick as a water-hose. Pretty cool that all that stuff fits inside us. Also, the average person's rested heart rate is about 70 beats per minute. Lance Armstrong's heart beats about 32 times per minute. And when he's racing, his heart rate can be as fast as 200 beats per minute, whereas the average male's accelerated heart rate is 150. Crazy, huh?!

Here's an archer. She was beautifully posed. I which I could find a front-view, too.

This exhibit was seriously cool. There was an entire section on the lungs, showing a healthy lung next to smoke-damaged lungs (black lung, cancer, emphysema). Another one that showed the digestive track. Another with the reproductive systems. And a whole nook focused on the fetus, and it's different stages of development. That was my favorite part, to see the sizes of these babies at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10, 18, 22, all the way up to 33 weeks, and the extreme differences in size and development along the way. It was incredible! When they tell you a fetus is only the size of your pinky-nail, they mean it! A baby is only as big as your thumb at 8 weeks, and it has fingers and toes and eyes and a mouth and ears and everything! It's SO amazing.

I thoroughly enjoyed Body Worlds! If you ever have the opportunity to see it, you absolutely should go!

Time to catch up!

I think school has taken over my life! I have time to do fun stuff, but not to write any of it down. I'm MAKING the time to do so right now.

For Heather's 3o-something birthday, we went to Lagoon! It was the first time for Marie, Jana, and I. While it wasn't even close to Six Flags Magic Mountain, it was a lot of fun. I got that roller coaster high I've been living without for the past few years. I missed that high.

We had a movie night at the Doxey's to celebrate Halloween. We were told to come in costume, so we did. We ate yummy homemade chilly (thank you Ashley!) and yummy corn bread (thank you Jana!) and had yummy pumpkin cookies (thank you Marie!) and the apartment was done up all spooky. We watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, the Legend of Sleep Hallow, and Arsenic and Old Lace. Good times!

Me, I'm a mis-matched Care Bear.
Julia is obviously an angel.
Ashley's an 80's Chick
Marie's a hunter
Jana's Quail Man!
Doxey's a Honorary Coach for the Jazz

David came to visit and was here for Halloween! We begged him to show us his bullet wound. He even wore the shirt he was wearing when he got shot on Halloween. He was "A Missionary Who Got Shot." It was awesome.
This is the Bloody Shirt! David said that at one point someone tried to help his take off his back pack, but that as soon as they removed the strap the wound started gushing blood all over, so they put the strap back on to keep pressure on it. Gross.
The front view. Yep, that's where the bullet went in!
Here's the back view, where the doctor's had to pull the bullet out cuz it was so far inside.

Here are some more fun pictures for the Dance Party at the House.
Becca's so pretty!
Jana as Tonks
Red's a tatoo artist. And no, those aren't real, and neither is the nose ring
Me, I'm an aviation captain
Marie's a hunter again
The boy scout and the cub scout. Cute.
Mummy Fingers

Nice, huh? The hunter shoots the missionary! haha