Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stressed? Me? Never.

As of Saturday, I was doing really well on the stress-level thing. I felt pretty good about life, wasn't letting school stress me out, balancing "fun" time with "work" time and "me" time. And I had a really great friend point out to me that she had expected me to be more stressed out about this semester, but that she thought I was handling everything really well. I thanked her, and felt really good about myself, because that was exactly what I was working on: balance and not letting myself get stressed.

Then I realized this afternoon while sitting in one of my classes that I hadn't finished three assignments, all of which were due today, and I had no break between classes to work on them. Talk about a mini freak out! I skipped one class (Modern English Grammars) in order to finish the other three assignments...

Now I'm sitting in another class, thinking about all of the new assignments I've been given and I'm starting to freak out again. I don't have anymore time to finish all of my homework. All of my time is full of school and work already! When am I going to read an entire novel in the middle of the week and get all of my other assignments done as well? When am I going to revise and perfect my pretty much already finished paper for my Senior Portfolio? And on top of that, when am I going to read my scriptures and go to the temple?

It's all about priorities. After my mini freak out this afternoon, and after contemplating all of the work I have to do this week and over the weekend, and getting a little bit short of breath just thinking about it, I decided something: school is important, and I need to do my best, but I don't need to kill myself or get super stressed out about it. I'll finish in April, whether or not I get straight A's. I'll get my degree and that's all that matters. When I look back on my last semester of university, I wanna remember all of the good things I did, all that I accomplished, and the fun I had along the way. I don't wanna remember stress and anxiety.

This is a boring post. I apologize if you got bored reading this (though I'm impressed that you took the time to read it at all). And, if you care at all, I ask that you help me remember to not stress out!