Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life's Little Pleasures

There's this guy who walks the halls on campus smiling, and playing his ukulele. He's most definitely on his way to and from classes, since he's carrying his backpack. He looks around him as he walks and plays. Last Thursday I heard him approaching and had to smile to myself. A fellow student also heard the approach and turned to face the Ukulele Man. He said something about the Ukulele Man and his banjo. The Ukulele Man stopped and turned.

'A banjo is like a drum with a neck and strings that you pluck, but don't really strum. It's bigger and sounds different.'

'Well, what's that, then?'

'This, my friend, is a ukulele.'

He turned back the way he was walking before and continued on his way, smiling.

I just saw the Ukulele Man again, Tuesday early evening. He was smiling again, and playing a gentle rhythm, the notes smoothly flowing into one another, "do do do, do do do d-do..." I can still hear it. And I'm still smiling.