Monday, September 29, 2008

Where has the month gone?

So, it's been a while.

My birthday was the 18th, and it was a wonderful weekend! Dad called first, leaving me a serenade on my voice mail. Then Mom called, and sang to me. And then Heather called to see how my day was going, and I got to talk to the kids, too. Hunter told me all about the Goosebumps books he's ordered, Courtney insisted on the family singing Happy Birthday, and even Jacob wished me a happy birthday. Grandma Chinn called, and sang, too. I love that song. My sisters all came over to my apartment on the 18th with pizza and chocolate silk pie. Yum. And we watched a movie called "Under the Same Moon" which everyone should watch. It was great to just hang out, no time pressures, talk, enjoy a movie and each others company. Fun. On Saturday, Marie took me to Red Robin for lunch, and then we went to Acadia (on University Ave, in the Wells Fargo building) for facials. Wow. That was awesome, I must say. Then Jana and I went to dinner at Los Hermanos with Ashley and Devin, Julia, Nicole and Shawn, Red (Jess), and Ashley. It was SO fun!! We laughed and talked a lot and I got yelled at...I mean, "sung" to. Happy Birthday! Then the Doxey's, Julia, Jana and I went to Jana/Marie/Red's house and flew a kite on the roof. Yeah, it was pretty awesome. And Heather brought Marie home (from babysitting Heather's kids so she and Travis could go to their ward's Elders Quorum dinner). And we talked and talked and goofed around and played for a long, long time! Then, on Sunday, Heather and Jana made dinner and Marie baked me a Ninja Turtles cake! All of it was yummy and it was fun to be with the kids for a while, too. Jacob even wished me a "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-happy Durf-day, Tata!" with lots and lots of giggles and smiles! (Yes, my name is Tata). When I got home from Heather's, I found my room covered in little stars, complete with the Big Dipper on the ceiling, and crepe paper and balloons, thanks to my wonderful roommates, who also made me Oreo pie. It was a very, very happy birthday.

This past weekend was the homework-weekend from HELL! But it's over and I got a LOT done, though I'm not any closer to having a research proposal done for my Integrated Studies class. That will have to limp along this week/weekend. All of that studying and homework-doing paid off tonight, though! I had my first test in my Spanish 2010 class, and I did really well! A ton better than I expected, so I'm very well-pleased! Now I get to work more on that IS proposal and group project, and get some studying in for the next Biology test. Thank goodness I'm about a week ahead on all of my reading for American Lit!

Also, just cuz I'm so freakin' excited, my little brother, David, gets home from his mission on the 14th of October! That's only two weeks and two days from now!! I'm SO excited, even though I won't see him till the end of November. At least I'll be able to talk to him on the phone! I can't wait!! We'll try to get some pictures of the bullet-wound. Yay for missions and missionaries, and missionaries coming home!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What the crap?!

I'm really kinda just freewriting here. I'm really sad that school's back in session, full-force, cuz I still have a ton of books I want to read! I can't do both, though. Not while I'm taking American Literature. Too much reading! And I'm taking an Institute class (D&C 1-75), which I'm excited about, but will also take away from my "free" time. This saddens me.

Does anyone else feel like this semester is gonna kick their butt? Cuz this semester is totally gonna kick my butt! It's not so much that I'm carrying 14 credits. It's more like, because all four classes are pretty hard-core, and I'm carrying 14 credits. Darn teachers and their stupid reading assignments and homework!

OK, on a completely different note... this has suddenly turned into a Stephenie Meyer blog. Not on purpose. I just have a one-tracked mind. Seriously. But who in their right mind leaks a story? I mean, really. It totally ruins it for the rest of us unsuspecting souls. I was really looking forward to Midnight Sun! Darn those stupid leakers! I read the excerpt anyway (like I said, one-tracked mind; I couldn't help myself) and now I'm even more pissed! It ended at such a critical point. We were almost to the meadow... Dammit!!

On yet another note, did anyone else feel the shift in the universe when the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince release was bumped to July 2009? Sad. I was really looking forward to that movie on Thanksgiving! I suppose I'll just have to ease my pain with Twilight. haha Shoot! Stephenie Meyer slipped in again...

You know the song Twentysomething as performed by Jamie Cullum? Awesome song. I feel it, man. I totally feel it.

OK. I feel I have expressed all of my current thoughts. Well, not all. If that were the case, some of you would be offended, or shocked, or be falling out of your seats with laughter. These are just some of my current thoughts. I will leave you in peace.